Empower By GoDaddy Webinar: Power Up Your Business

By Entrepreneur Works (other events)

2 Dates Through Mar 31, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, The Empower by GoDaddy program will move forward as a webinar.

Empower by GoDaddy also aims to:
• Provide robust skills-building experiences from business planning to engage the expertise, compassion and energy of Go Daddy's employees to help entrepreneurs leverage the power of the internet to strengthen their online presence
• Foster meaningful relationships among entrepreneurs to provide support, advice and networks
• Empower a universe of entrepreneurs to share and learn from one another every step of their journey
• Rally behind entrepreneurs as they strive to pursue their passion and support their families

Workshops Include:

Marketing 101 - Identifying and understanding your customer

This session will dig into the importance of choosing the right domain name and defining your brand 
to help customers find your business and understand what you do and how you can help the customer.

The first step in identifying and understanding your customer is to solidify your business name 
based on the needs of the customer and the local community.

Participant skill set takeaway: Have a solid understanding of the customer segment they are 
targeting and why narrowing down your customer segment is crucial.

Digital Identity and Content Creation

Digital Identity and content creation workshop will introduce participants to the importance of 
digital identity. The workshop will help participants in crafting their website messaging and how 
the messaging will help customers understand what they do· and will help customers find their 

Participant skill set takeaway: Understand the importance of short but concise language and how to 
build a user-friendly and effective website.

Building a Website

The building a website workshop will focus on the importance of having a website with most of the 
time spent with participants in creating a website

Participant skill set takeaway: Be able to build and manage their own GoCentral website

In-kind Products Overview

Product Bundle 1 (Non-ecommerce businesses): One domain name; one shared hosting account; search 
engine optimization; email marketing; and one Office 365 email account All products have a two-year 

Product Bundle 2 (Ecommerce businesses): One domain name; one ecommerce hosting account, which 
includes search engine optimization and email marketing; and one Office 365 account All products 
have a two-year term.